Matteo aka Matt2nd is born in 1990 and early started to follow the underground Turin scene joining punk hardcore first and free party movement later.

After a classical/funk musical instruction he started to know and appreciate electronical sonorities in the early 2000 but without leaving out others kind of music.

After he took his first drum machine and learned how to use some DAWs begun to play his live-sets at free parties and at several underground clubs in his town.

Some years later decided to became a producer creating his personal mix of tekno, electro, breakbeat and acid.

There are also many influences from musical genres like jazz, funky, blues, hip hop, experimental, progressive rock, hard rock and so on.

He his active in Italy doing free parties with his sound system crew (Funk Rebels), squat parties or just club events offering powerful bass music.

Anyway the biggest part of the work is performed in studio.