Matrax is born in 1980 and starts his music journey from the Hip Hop and Punk scene.

In 95/96 he approaches the Tekno scene hanging out mainly in the Northern France clubs where he will listen to Jeff Mills ,Mad Mike, Carl Cox, Sven Vath, Josh Wink, etc…

Then He meets Aliennee friends with whom the Underground Tekno and DnB warms up the freezing northern winters, here he participates at his first Hard-core after party, and the revelation finally comes: He is not made for the Club scene.

He approaches the turntables on the ‘96 as entertainment that soon becomes a passion.

In 97 He leaves Lille (FR) to Rome (IT) and there He will start travelling all around Europe with Tomahawk Sound System where he will get in touch with all the main sound system of that era:.Okupe, Olstad, Metek, Foxtanz, Sound Conspiracy, etc…

His first Dj Set is a morning set in Fintech (Rome) in 1997, a Hard-core 180/190 bpm set mixed with drums loops and high frequency.At that time his favourite artists and label are : Bloody Fist, Hellfish, Industrial Strenght, Bad Company and more.

After a 6 months travelling in Central America He will finally decide to get back and stop in Italy where will collaborate with the Italian underground scene changing also his sound from Hard-core to Tekno.

Playing Tekno is Not a Crime!