Acid Head

Acidhead project is born in 2012 as a consequence of love for techno music grown by attending free underground parties.

From 1996 , following sound systems as Acid Drop (famous Turin crew), Metek, Okupe, Tad, Facom Unit, Capsule Corp and many more, this passion progressively grown up and consolidates.


In 2002 he decides to buy his first groovebox Yamaha rm1x , and from here his set-up starts to evolve: he engages into computer music, home recordings, drum machine, bassline, expander, sequencer e synth use.

His hunger for knowledge brings him into a 360 degrees love for electronic music from hard acid tekno to 80’s synthpop which takes him into producing different kind of tracks, through breakbeat to acid, without any cliché.

The love for underground and self production will take him to embrace Blame Society Records.