Skruff Malamadre
Skruff MalamadreFounder, Owner & Dj
Diego Saleri a.k.a. Skruff founded Blame Society Records in 2011…
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Fisso&SparkDjs & Producers
Fisso and Spark’s paths first crossed in 2007 and from that spawned…
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Candy 23
Candy 23Dj & Producer
Candy fait parti de ces électroniciens élevés à la rave la plus sauvage…
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MasKKDj & Producer
Maskk discovered Techno in the “Illegal rave scene” of mid nineties Rome…
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P3 Ulver Kaos
P3 Ulver KaosDj & Producer
P3 is an Italian producer born in southern Italy. Since his childhood…
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Dies Irae
Dies IraeDj & Producer
Dies Irae fell in love with electronic music in 1999, after eating his first xtc pill…
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Tony Manero
Tony ManeroDj
Start mixing hip hop in 92 with friends Enter his fist sound system…
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EkomatikDj & Producer
Joshu@ aka Ekomatik was born in 1987 and he’s been active in the European…
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Horny Andy
Horny AndyDj & Producer
Horny Andy is just one of Andrea’s art names, a 30 years old breaks, dubstep…
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ToroDj & Producer
In action since 2005 with Dirty South tracks and filthy rap productions, TORO hits…
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Dj Hook
Dj HookDj & Producer
DJ Hook is an italian Breaks DJ, Producer and Remixer. In 2004 DJ Hook started…
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AxelbeatDj & Producer
Axelbeat was born artistically in Sicily, Vittoria (RG) in 1997. Influenced by…
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Acid Head
Acid HeadDj & Producer
Acidhead project is born in 2012 as a consequence of love for techno music…
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DrewDj & Producer
Hard-core punk guitarist and vinyls collector, he approached to electronic music discovering bands…
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Matrax is born in 1980 and starts his music journey from the Hip Hop and Punk scene…
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Matt2ndDj & Producer
Matteo aka Matt2nd is born in 1990 and early started to follow the underground Turin scene joining punk…
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